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It truly is a wonderful thing when you get a flow going. I found my voice and kept it steady today. I’ve been busily reading “Gabriel’s Inferno” also, while getting my company ready for my first bridal expo coming up this Sunday. Yes I am a busy busy girl and I like it (sometimes). 

I’ve steadily written seven pages of my 2nd draft for “Unspoken” and shifted the perspective from 1st person (Jane’s view) to third person. I felt that it would improve the story if the reader can read Liam’s thoughts among others. Also, added a new little twist from the Prologue. 

I’m a little shaken up to find some of my original ideas were also in G. Inferno, and I’m reconsidering putting them into the book. Although, I really don’t want to lessen the characters by taking things away from them. I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep my story different and bring an original approach -even though I’ve read G.Inferno now. 

I wonder if it’s normal or healthy for a writer to read other novels while writing? I have to always be reading though, it’s just in my nature to love books. 


– Returning to my word document now and ignoring the rest of my responsibilities for the day. This book will be the death of me I swear!