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I haven’t slept, I’m back at it on the 2nd draft and I just outlined the next two books as well. I am so excited, I’m bursting at the seems to talk to someone and tell them everything happening in the book all the way to the end but no one wants me to ruin it for them. The ending I have planned is definitely a tear jerker and I myself misted a little after writing it out in the outline process.

I’ve barely slept this week, a few days ago I was up almost two whole days straight. Either preparing for the expo, writing or reading. I’ve neglected so many things (as I’ve stated in my last post)

But here’s the kicker. Just a few minutes ago I was driving to get some things printed for the bridal show and I found myself thinking of scenes and dialogue exchanged. I didn’t want to lose them so I grabbed a notebook from my bag and started scribbling the ideas down. The light turned green and I didn’t even realize it, I really pissed off a lot of cars behind me. I was so into the ideas that I almost kept writing while driving! But I didn’t, of course.


The one good thing that I can mention are that the titles are even more appropriate for the book now. They are even mentioned subtly in the story line. Which makes me very happy and I am definitely keeping them as they are.


I decided that I am not going to censor myself or romanticize my book to the point where it doesn’t seem realistic. Infidelity is a very serious thing and I don’t take it lightly. I also know that everyone in this world sins, we all have inner demons we battle with and I want to make that clear in my novel that even the most heroic of them all has flaws.

~ Back to the writing loves!