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I’ve been working on the 2nd draft of my book and the story has taken a surprise turn. The basis and root of the story remains but now there’s a thicker plot line, more twists and an actual antagonist (set up for the 2nd book). I am enjoying telling Liam and Jane’s story with hopes that their forbidden love will stand the tests of literary time the way Romeo & Juliet have. I’m experiencing an inner battle with myself, to persevere past the negative thoughts of never getting published. Yes, writing is something I love to do and would keep doing even without the single hope of being published. But I feel so strongly about my story and my need to tell it, I feel as if I owe it to Liam and Jane to let the world know of their love.

I’m hoping also that this 2nd draft is the final one, story wise. That after this, it’s all just trimming the excess and frill.

Here’s to the stories in our minds that have gone untold and to one day having them be heard…