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  As a visual artist I know that there is a possibility of over working a painting or drawing. It’s better to take a break, step back and look at your work from a distance. The view can change dramatically and the mistakes that need to be fixed are easier to spot. I feel like maybe writing is the same. I pumped out the first draft of Unspoken in less than two weeks. I knew that was going to be a rough draft and that I just needed to get the story down so the speed of it didn’t concern me. This second draft however (although changing dramatically) has put me on edge. I want very badly to shape the story as best as I can and my usual fast paced writing isn’t cutting it. I sit and write for hours at a time, the cleanliness of my home and social life has suffered dramatically since. Those aren’t my biggest concern right now but it shows just how badly I’ve dedicated my time to this book. I don’t want to over analyze but at the same time, I don’t want to miss something. Maybe I will take a step back, breathe a little and then go back into it. I don’t know. Frankly this is just my personality I guess. I will always over analyze, worry and obsess.