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So, as much as I’m not a die hard 50 Shades of Grey fan, I still like to scour the inter webs for forums regarding books and such. Also, since one of my favorite novels is Gabriel’s Inferno, also a Twilight (barf) fan fiction, they have their similarities in leading female characters.

I have read so many discussions and suggestions regarding who should play Miss Ana’s character in the future Shades of Grey movie, well, I’m stunned to find that no one has suggested the beautiful and talented, Ms. Amy Acker!
Other than the eye color, she’s pretty much the embodiment of either Ana or Julianna.
She’s rail thin, pretty, (can be) timid, shy and sexy behind closed doors.

She’s who I picture when I read either books. Even her voice.
If you’ve seen Angel, she plays Winifred and her shy character is perfect.