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I’ve been writing my book for a few months now. The first time I put my fingers down on my keyboard, they wouldn’t stop. I spent a few days in bed writing, losing weight and looking like a homeless person but I pumped out over 200 pages… I knew that meant nothing and its not like I’m some savant who can write a book in a few days and get it published. 

After that, I outlined my idea for book 2 and 3. Then got started on my 2nd draft of book 1. 

Yes, my book is about adultery and yes I am a married woman.
Are there connections to these two? 

Honestly, yes. I find myself more and more in Jane’s character. (I’ve never committed adultery just FYI) I’m just a young wife who finds herself feeling a little sad and lonely sometimes… I put so much of myself into my book that I find myself giving my writing a hard time because I feel as if it needs to be told better. I love my characters so much and their journey is up to me to complete… 

I know that with trying to get published there will be rejection and there will be criticism, I think I’m prepared for that. I don’t know I’m rambling. 

I was staring up at the dark ceiling of our bedroom last night trying to sleep but instead my mind spun around in circles thinking of my story. I decided to cut several things out and start the story differently from where I have the 2nd draft started. At this rate I’ll have 100 drafts done before sending it for publication. 

– I really hope and pray to find the voice to tell this story. Jane & Liam’s love story may not be perfect or innocent but it’s meant to be told.