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“What did my arms do before I held you?” – Sylvia Plath

Watching the movie inspired a pivotal part of my book and I thought hard about the difference between passion and love.

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion or a state or outburst of such emotion. This can be any emotion really. Whether it be love, distain or what have you…

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. That definition sounds too simple doesn’t it? To explain such a powerful word in eight words seems almost like a crime.

My book is about these two things mainly. The struggles of a woman who can’t seem to combine the two and a man who has so much of both. This is Jane, in my novel, speaking to Liam about why their love affair is dangerous and why the practicality of her marriage will outlive their love…

“There is such a thing as too much passion. I dare not fall in love with someone who has too much of it. I am not brave enough to commit to such a thing. People’s hearts are like fire-pits, burning with passion, fueling their love. Each person has a certain amount of kindling to give to the other, to keep their fire burning, giving all they can give. 

Throwing in everything you’ve got all at once, can light the most beautiful flame. It is a magnificent warmth that fills your heart but once the fire burns out, you have nothing left to keep it lit… you’re empty. 

A lasting relationship has a steady small flame, keeping you just warm enough to survive a cold night. 

Your heart’s flame engulfs all of me. It requires so much of me to keep it lit and when you kiss me, when you touch me, I feel that fire growing. You and I, Liam, are not meant to last a lifetime. Our love is a great tragedy, don’t you see?

There is a reason so many great artists die early in life. They are filled with so much passion their hearts could not contain it. My heart cannot bare so much passion all at once and all the while knowing that one day it will die -like all great loves are destined to.”