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Before I start this rant, I’d like to (once again) point out how wonderful that new blog I found is. I usually can’t read very many posts in a row from a blogger without getting distracted, I have selective ADD I guess, but her blog is so helpful.

Anyways, reading her blog made me feel a little lonely. I have no friends who are writers except for the ones that I’ve found through social networking. I’m already a bit of a hermit but when I do find the time to sit and hang out with a friend in person, writing is not their favorite choice of topic to discuss.

My husband tries to be supportive. Emphasis on tries.
I’ll ask him to read my book out loud to me every few chapters or so because it helps my process. I can hear it, listen to the tone and the word choice without being too engulfed in my own head.
But once it’s time to give me an opinion, he says, “It’s good.” TO EVERYTHING.

I get it. He’s my husband, he’s bound by law to LIKE everything I write. But I find it difficult to believe him when he has had the same response to Draft 1, Draft 2 AND draft 3. I hope it’s at least getting a little better.

So here I am, blogging to an entire audience of faceless other bloggers about the lonely life of a first time novelist.