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Incase you can’t read the title backwards:

the Complete Handbook of Novel Writing

I bought this book a while ago, actually according to the receipt I kept wedged between the unread pages, I made the purchase on 07/15/2011. Holy crap. I bought it at Borders Book Store (sad face). I miss Borders. So, I have yet to actually read this. I’ve skimmed it but mostly it’s been a pretty part of my nightstand decor of books. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture.

Please excuse the big goofy smile and dorkalicious two thumbs up, this was taken very early and apparently I’m a morning person… who knew?

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t cracked this baby open now that I’ve taken on writing (almost) full time. You’d think after all this time I would have dove into that book looking for answers during my bipolar roller coaster adventure of writing. Nope, I scour blogs and rely on the guide of stumbleupon.com to find help. I’m thinking it might be time to give that baby a chance…


“Blog your book” page 177

Holy crap really? That’s awesome. So I guess I’m doing something right!