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.. than getting a flow going. 

This third draft is coming along quite beautifully and I feel like I have a better handle on my story now. The first draft was verbal vomit, the second was just a disaster and the third just feels right. Hmmm, how very Goldilocks of me.

I’m definitely changing and cutting down my prologue.

I got lucky and found someone willing to review and read what I have so far (prologue and three chapters) and I received pretty good feedback. Just as I hoped, she fell for Liam Hamilton and she was happy to chat me up for a few minutes about my work.

Feedback, feedback, feedback- is the only thing fueling this train right now. I’ve been so bipolar about my book lately, questioning if all this hard work will be worth it at the end but at this point I could care less if it gets published or not. It would be a big accomplishment to simply say I wrote a novel and submitted it for publication… the only down side to that is the two other books I have in mind after this.

Book two and three are already outlined. I’m afraid if the first book gets shot down I won’t have the heart to continue with the rest… but that’s a problem to face later.