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So through my crazy internet exploring, I found a girl that if I could force her to be my best friend I would. (That was creepier than I wanted it to be).

Anyways, she’s a published author of several books and she’s my age! This baffles me. Also, her blogs are always very interesting and as the cherry on top of all this awesomeness she’s a total Hiddlestoner.

If you don’t know what a Hiddlestoner is, go look it up.
Short definition: It’s an admirer or all things Tom Hiddleston which is proof that the girls got good taste!!

Once I’m through with the current book I’m reading, which by the way is slowly becoming a disappointment because I want to punch the main character in the face every time she speaks, I am going to go pick up Victoria’s book. I’m sure it will be fantastic.

Stupid link option on my blog never works and I’m too lazy to learn the HTML code for it. Yep.
So here’s the link to her wonderful blog, you should follow it!