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Sorry but this is worth blogging. The last few weeks since starting my book sleep hasn’t exactly been a priority. Neither is eating or doing laundry (yeah thats gross). I figured my book will take time and I need to keep the rest of my life on the right track. I’m no Plath or Bronte, writing can’t be my full time thing because lets face it, I like food too much. (I’m aware they did other things than write, I just meant Im not fortunate enough to be THAT talented)

I have been purposely sleeping earlier though, like last night I fell asleep on the couch around 8-9 and I woke up at 4:30am. I think this schedule is good for me. I like waking up before the sun, it makes me feel like I still stayed up all night, ha. Without being tired, that is.

I’m strange and I get this from my father, who is also an artist, but I work better late at night till early morning. That would be why in high school, if I was painting at 2 am on a school night, he didn’t bother telling me to sleep. He just understood. Gotta love that man.

I’m going to try to include a regular exercise routine with this sleep schedule and hopefully I won’t feel so blah all the time. Everyone tells me how exercise helps your mind be sharper, etc. Well, I used to be a gym nut then I got married and let that go to shit. So hopefully I can get back on the horse… treadmill… you get it.

Draft two has been slow moving, which I think is good. I don’t do the slow thing- not with drawing, not with writing… but this time I am. Its funny how much this book invades my mind. I wake up and once my eyes open I go, “So, what happens next for Liam and Jane?”

I love it.