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Yep, I’m crazy and I have several other ideas for books. One of them came to me in a dream and another was inspired by a drawing I saw.

1. (No title in mind) What if Hitler (or someone like him) actually succeeded and managed to take over the world? A group of college students who try to find a lost city that hasn’t been affected by the war or is out of the control of the world leader, find themselves in a dangerous adventure. Once they do find the town, they begin to realize its not the paradise they read about in books but a trap for the government to run experiments and they’re the guinea pigs. The main girl is trying to find a way out and finds love along the way with her classmate but there’s a slim chance they will both live and one is unwilling to let the other die… even if it means their own death.

2. The Ginger: Red head, Ginger, hates everything that she inherited from her dad who ran out on her and her mom when she was born. A typical ginger, red hair and freckles, she’s determined to change her appearance after high school, even her name. She goes off to college as, Gina and lives a roller coaster life of dating, trying to survive  dormitory life and a professor who is making her life hell.

3. The Lonely Life of a Romance Novelist: Successful romance novelist, Quinn Peterson, may seem like she’s the romantic type but behind the love stories she’s a jaded and cynical woman with no intention of ever marrying. Convinced that love only exists in fiction, Quinn approaches her thirtieth birthday with no husband, no kids and no care! The sudden death of her mother forces her to reunite with her sister, Rose, a love-sick college student who is hell bound on getting married and start a family right after graduating. While trying to plan a funeral, take care of her younger sister’s college debt and trying to meet her deadline for her next book, Quinn finds Mr. Right. He just happens to be her sister’s boyfriend.

Be nice and don’t steal my ideas: Thank you!