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So I had an awesome day. Veramoy nominated me for a Liebster Award! I was so flattered and if I could re-nominate her I would. She asked three questions (so far) so here they are with my responses:

1. What is the meaning of life? No really, quit laughing!

Wow, you just had to go straight there huh? Well, I truly think that the meaning of life is to ask this very question. If that makes any sense. Everyone will have a different answer to this because everyone has a different path of life to live. We have different a different destiny and a different purpose. What we do have in common is the right to ask this question and the ability to search for the answer…

2.What author has influenced your writing the most and why?

Hmmm, this is a hard one. This might sound funny and I can probably choose amazing classics to sound intellectual but instead I’m going to go with Francesca Lia Block. She’s an adult fiction writer and has a really beautiful way of mixing fantasy elements to real life situations. Her books are practically poetry sometimes and they’re a nice easy read to sit down with to get a little inspiration from. I could pick up a book by her and go from front to back in one sitting and I remember being in my teens, reading her novels and afterward rushing to my computer to write. I wouldn’t say she influenced my style in anyway but she inspired me a lot. 

3.What’s on your Ipod while writing?

I actually blogged about this before. I listen to music that I think would work well with the part I’m writing about. Almost like a soundtrack to a movie. Sometimes I just have my pandora stuck on a random channel playing music by Amos Lee, Mumford and sons, Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman – pretty much adult alternative. 

The writer of 50 shades of grey actually mentioned during an interview that she listened to music to influence her writing and if you’ve read it, she mentions songs quite often in her book. 

I sort of do the same. Not as often or as blatant but music is a big part of my book. Jane actually frequents a Karaoke bar and sings “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon which represents how she feels toward Liam’s character. 

Awesome questions Veramoy! I had a ton of fun answering them! 

So here are my picks for the Liebster award.

First is Daniel Koeker who recently just came to my blog-life. I find his posts quite entertaining and he’s already a successful published author which makes me

My second vote is for Candace Knoebel. The reason for this is pretty funny. The first book I ever tried to write, since I was maybe fourteen, is EXACTLY like the book she wrote and is coming out with. Minus small details. Our character’s even look the same. After I got over my jealousy that she beat me to it, I admired her for finishing her book and hey, great minds think alike right?

Third vote is for Kristina Pui who amazed me. She is only 16 and has the passion and dedication of someone much older and to top it off she’s very talented. Keep at it girl!

Lastly, I don’t know if she even needs to be nominated for an award like this but I chose   Veronica Schwab. She was the author/blogger who I posted about before. She’s a successful author, she’s my age and she’s a damn Tom Hiddleston fan, which in my book is enough to be branded as a super awesome person.

So those are my nominees and here are my questions for them:
I’m asking five because I felt like it. I’m a rebel. 

1. What is a quote or passage from a novel that you found inspiring or beautiful enough to highlight or make note of? 
2. If you could go back in time and steal someone’s story and write it yourself what would it be? 
3. What fictional character from any book is on your “If you were real I’d want to punch you in the face” list?
4. Is there anything that you CANT blog about but really really want to?
5. If you were to put a negative trait from yourself into one of your characters, what would that bad trait be? 

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what ya’ll answer.