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So I started reading Thoughtless by CS Stephens. Why you ask? Because I wanted to read a novel about a love affair to get a feel for the tone. Considering mine is about adultery, I want so badly to present Jane as someone you can root for even though she’s doing something awful… This book, DID NOT HELP.

I’m not completely through it and I have a tendency to write reviews before I finish books.

Lets just say I want to step into the book and slap Kiera in the face -hard. She is probably the most annoying character I have ever read about and if that’s the author’s intention then they succeeded with flying colors.

Long story short, this book is about Kiera, a girl who moves to Seattle for her super hunky, smart and faithful boyfriend Denny who is also a sexy Australian. Yum right? Anyways, they move in with roommate Kellan Kyle. Kellan is the typical sex-God rock star with messy hair, broken past, bad-boy, man-slut, heartbreaker blah blah blah. So obviously she drops her panties for him. 

The whole book is (forgive my language) a roller coaster mind-fuckery of idiotic decisions made by a self-conscious girl who obviously has no self control. Okay, girl, I get it. He’s a hunk. But seriously, at some point, saying how “guilty” you feel only goes so far.

So other than mentioning how gorgeous / sexy / attractive / hot / OMFGkillmenow / beautiful / stunning Kellan is every four sentences, this girl seems to not have anything that connects her mind to her big fat mouth.

Constantly, she will think something then say something else entirely then she’ll say, “Why did I say that?” Hmm. Her mind seems to have a grasp on rational thinking but her mouth is like, “Screw you brain!”

Well, I’m not done with the book. It’s actually taking me a very long time to finish it considering I want to smash my iPad into pieces every time I read a few pages… but I can’t NOT finish the book for several reasons. 1. I paid money for it. 2. I’m slightly intrigued to see what happens when she gets caught and I secretly hope Denny smacks her in the face. 3. I like the sex scenes. Yeah, I’ll admit it! What now?!