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Writing in small increments have vastly helped my writing. I’ve been forcing myself to turn away from the computer when my mind starts to get jumbled. That, of course, doesn’t mean my mind shuts off. If anything it sends me on over drive. My sleep schedule is slowly sinking back to “normal” because I stay up racking my brain with too many thoughts to sleep. So I’m back down to a 11-7am schedule.

I made this fun little banner with a quote from my book that I absolutely LOVE.

So for Thoughtless, by S.C. Stephens. I am about 30 pages from finishing and I can’t bring myself to do it. It is unlike me to leave a book hanging when I’m so close to finishing but I just can’t… I thought I was done but when I looked at how many pages I had left, it felt like an obligation or homework. I was not pleased with this.

Inspirational writing song choice of the day: “I won’t give up” Jason Mraz