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I’ve made pretty good progress the last few days. Having my beta readers really helps motivate me to keep writing so I can keep sending them updates. I’ve also been on the prowl for a publisher or agent. So far I’ve considered Omnific Publishing and The Knight Agency, one seems a little easier than the other, but I’m not looking for easy.

My sleep pattern has turned into a giant mess again. From being sick to having late night talks with my friend Lisa at the 24 hour starbucks near my house, it’s pretty much, bye bye sleep and hello insomnia!

– Lately, I’ve put so much of my devotion into my novel that I’m finding myself having emotional imbalances. I’ve pulled so much out of myself, from the pains Ive experienced in the past to the current problems I go through in my everyday life and spilled them down into my book. I even said at one point, “If I tear away at myself anymore there won’t be anything left to bury”. I know it will be a great disappointment if I don’t get published because of this emotional investment I’ve put into my writing but in turn of course there will be great rewards that come with finishing a novel.

“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.” – Chuck Palahniuk