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So, I’m glad to say I’m a little halfway done with the final draft. I’m just slowly building from the original outline of the first and second draft. I’m writing about a chapter or two a day which is a lot slower than my first few drafts and that is a triumph for someone as impatient as I am. My beta readers have been nothing but supportive and I love them so much for that.

I’m hoping to have everything done by the end of October then it’s off to editing. I’ve been shopping around for really good but reasonable editors to make my book PURRfect. Then *fingers crossed* submission for publication by the end of this year!! I can’t wait to design the book official cover. My friend Lance is a Film student and Ive been talking to him about making a book trailer once I have the whole book done and its in editing. That will be loads of fun!

I am so excited and scared all at once.