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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

I started this book a day and a half ago. With writing my own book, going to school, sleeping (barely) and trying to have a social life… I managed to finish this book in a short amount of time because IT WAS AWESOME!

Complaints: Other than the crazy amount of spelling and grammatical errors in my Ebook copy, the book was wonderful. Seriously though, who ever the editor of that book was should be fired. Anyways, where to begin…

#1 Reason of awesomeness would be the characters. I love love love them all. Even the people you’re meant to hate, you love to hate them.

#2 The title is so fitting. So many messed up things happen, characters do things that would normally annoy me to no end but instead their stupid actions match them so well, I can’t complain! Their irrationality makes them even better!

#3 TRAVIS -mad dog- MADDOX. First of all, that’s a hot name. Yes? He is officially my fictional boyfriend (Screw Christian Grey) Gimme some Trav. I was talking to a friend, who actually recommended this book to me, about how he is the perfect balance of black and white. He has no middle gray. The embodiment of two polar opposites – the bad boy and the P*whipped boyfriend all at once.

#4 America (the best friend to Abby) She was a friend I would die to have.

#5 The tone. There was something real about it, the sarcasm and the dialogue were easy to flow through and understand. It was relatable but not boring. You just disappeared into their world.

Now, rumor has it, the movie rights have already been bought by Warner Brothers. I was searching the fantabulous inter webs for info and stumbled upon a fan blog. She posts random actors/actresses that could play certain characters and when I saw Mr. Colton Haynes, I was sold. If he doesn’t play Travis in the film, I will be very disappointed. Even this music video he starred in is TOO perfect, song and all.

“Trouble” by Leona Lewis