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I’m nearing the peak of my novel and I’m dragging my feet a little. I wrote barely a paragraph yesterday and reread it, grimaced then felt like slamming my head against the table. The pressure is on now and I did it to myself… I’ve got my friends support, 50+ likes on my Facebook page and even the manager at Coffee Bean… I want to publish at the end of the year and I think my brain is purposely shutting down because Im so scared of that moment. I’m a worrywart. *grunt

Other than that, I’ve got book two and three outlined AND even a follow up book to focus on Liam’s character. I’m so grateful for my beta-readers, specially Lisa & Brit… they’ve been so supportive and excited for each update that it keeps me motivated.

Been so busy lately with school, this budding social life and my online store -writing has suffered a little. I barely sleep! Wish me luck.

Just a side note: I am so happy that fall is here. I live in Las Vegas and we get a very small window of “good” weather. I would just like to disappear into this photograph.