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“How far will you go to be with your soulmate?”
The night of her eighteenth birthday, Jane was saved by Liam from an attacker. This one night they were together stayed with them for seven years. After all that time that passed by, Liam had kept the girl from that night in his heart, never letting anyone in and Jane constantly dreamt of her “white knight” through faded memories of his shadowed face. Seven years later they found their way back to each other and neither can deny the passion they feel for one another, unlike anything they’ve ever felt before. He remembers her but she doesn’t remember him. Both of them running from their broken past and finding salvation in each others love, they are a match made in heaven but there’s only one thing standing in their way… her husband. 


Jane’s marriage goes crashing and the passionate relationship between her and Liam finally has a fighting chance but the attacker has returned to their lives to reclaim his target. Through the struggles of her divorce, the unraveling of their affair and the dangerous companion that’s dropped in to their lives… their love is truly tested.


Liam’s demons have finally caught on to him, nearly losing Jane has broken the thin ice he has been emotionally skating on. The terrors of his past has filtered into his present and he will do anything he can to protect the woman he loves from the biggest threat of all… himself.