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I live in a desert and its very rare for us to get weather like what we’ve had lately… Yesterday I spent a bit of the afternoon sitting in the district (a beautiful shopping center) It was very lightly drizzling, I was wrapped up in my favorite old sweatshirt and drinking yummy coffee. It was glorious. Then today, it rained like I was in Seattle and even began to hail! Can you believe it?

I’ve been hanging out with my friend Lisa more and more… which is new for me because it is very rare that i find (girl) friends who I feel like myself with. I am usually friends with boys and when I did have a girl-bestfriend they were always… well (how do I say this?) crazy!

Typical girl stuff was never really my thing. I don’t gossip very well because it annoys me, I don’t deal well with jealousy (which tends to happen at times) and irrationality. (sorry ladies, but you know we’re a species of emotions and not of sound mind) Other than the group bathroom thing, I’ve been loving it so far!