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No worries gorgeous ones, I didn’t die. Well, not really, but a part of me did die inside (cue dramatic music) It’s been forever since I’ve written a post and that would be because I felt like a fraud. It’s been the same amount of time since I’ve written anything for my book. Writer’s block has invaded my mind like a T-virus and I am now officially a full-blown, brain eating, zombie. I’ve tried and tried, I’ve put my fingers on the keyboard and typed hundreds of words only to feel like I’ve written myself into a dead end. I feel a little helpless and I’ve tried all the writer’s block exercises that used to work like magic and still -I’m in the zombie zone.

Other than writing, other parts of my life is a teensy bit better. I’ve been back on the fitness train and losing some weight which is always a fantabulous thing. School is okay, I’m working my way through but this quarterly thing is a little weird. (The way my school schedule works is each class meets only once a week for four hours and a quarter is about 3-4 months long. Learning new programs in such a quick span is a little hard to remember things in the long run) Family stuff is normal which is better than bad and my social life is getting better. My friend Lisa and I have spent a lot of time together and  we’ve talked about traveling plans for the future… specifically a NY and UK trip. Lastly, marriage hasn’t picked up, stagnant is more like it, but I’ve adapted to just keeping my mouth shut. More on that later…

As for writing, I’m going to attempt a few chapters today (that will hopefully stick). I do feel like the universe is telling me to keep writing though, as much as I get discouraged. The song, “Use somebody” which is one of my inspirations for writing has played on the radio, while driving, while shopping, and other public places, quite often since I’ve stopped writing. I feel like it’s the universe telling me that I have to keep going… that my book is waiting for me when I’m ready. That might sound silly but it gives me a little bit of comfort. Well, hopefully, the next time I write, I’ll have some positive news.