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I have to go to work in an hour but I thought I’d do a quick post. First of all, I can’t even begin to express how much having this blog has helped me in more ways than one. The readers have helped me stay motivated with writing, the posts I read are also great inspirations and just having a place to vent, a place that’s all mine, is a great release! I was thinking of doing a giveaway or something for when I get 100 followers. Maybe a book mark designed by me or a printable graphic or something, who knows?!

On another note, I really really need a new book to read. I finished Beautiful Disaster a while back (and if you never read my review of it –here it is!) Anyways, I need a good book to get lost in. These days its hard to keep my interest and I’ve dealt with a few horrible books, ahem –thoughtless– ahem. If anyone has some good suggestions of good (fiction) novels to read, let me know! And I leave you with this amazing photograph of a place I KNOW I’d spend hours in… anyone else look at this and feel so so happy?