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I wrote something! I wrote something! Yee pee! After a month long writer’s block episode, I finally jotted down a good amount and I like where its at. Oh happy day! Also, I had a bit of an adventure today. I went to Barnes and Noble (I miss borders so much) and sat down to write before work. I saw a book that I am very interested in reading…

My favorite young adult writer has written an adult fiction book! (So much for my previous post questioning if I can write for two different genres haha) Anyways, her name is Francesca Lia Block and her work is (in my opinion) pretty awesome. Her style is unique. Her writing almost reminds me of free verse poetry but structured like a novel.

I was half tempted to purchase the hard cover but I’ve been a little iffy about buying books now without knowing more about it. I’ve learned my lesson after the “thoughtless” mistake. (Ha, that title actually works in that sentence)

I hope to write a little more later on. I’m close to being done and I am so excited!