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I’m a tad bit confused about this. I look at it in a fine art sense, such as a Dali painting will always be considered as a surrealist painting, a Monet shall always be an impressionist and of course, Picasso is a cubist! I read over my work and wonder where it falls under, romance, adult fiction perhaps?

Another lurking question is the idea of writing for different audiences. I have an idea for a young adult novel and another for a scifi. I understand the chances of getting all three published are slim but hey, what if they do? Do I get three different pen names? Oh the confusion!

On an semi-unrelated note, I’ve actually put finger to keyboard and written a few paragraphs for Unspoken! I’m so happy. It seems small compared to my previous chapters a day schedule but I see the sun coming up on the horizon. I’m about 80% done with it and I know that once I’m finished, revisions will have to be made, research will have to be double checked and this draft will go through a 2nd rinse cycle.

What I really need is someone to help with the “British Lingo” that some of the character’s speak. I’m not about to throw in “bloody hell” in every sentence and call it quits! HAHA.