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It’s such a strange feeling to see things that remind me of parts/characters/places in my book. For example, songs that come on the radio… lyrics stick out suddenly and a light bulb flicks on in my head. “Those words are exactly how he feels on this part” or “If this was a movie, that song would play during this…” etc. Then I go into obsessive mode and play that same song over and over as I write.

Recently I was on Pinterest and I saw this photo.

218072806926573350_rDz3UNL1_cMy lead male character, Liam Hamilton, lives in a loft in Chicago. This is pretty much how I pictured his place, furniture and all. I was thrilled when I found the pic and I stared at it for a good ten minutes, looking for words to describe the place. Then again, there’s that fear of getting too wordy that looms over my head as I write and I feel like I dull my writing down more and more. Oh here I go again, bipolar author on a rant.