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I have been so swamped and this is probably my first real post in a long time. First of all, I am long overdue for an adventure. This year was interesting but I need to make 2013 a year to remember. The rare times I have to myself, I spend at the Coffee Bean. I’ve begun to be a little more outgoing and I made friends with the baristas there. The manager is excited for my book and she offered to hold my first book signing there if I ever get published. (Yeah, there’s no pressure at all now ha!)

I’m very close to finishing Unspoken but with my perfectionist/OCD ways, I feel like going over it one more time to redraft. I think its just fear of getting rejected thats keeping it as a “rough draft”. This is draft #3 and I’m still biting my nails at the thought of sending it out to a professional editor. It just means I’m that much closer to publishing and the feared but expected “rejection letter”.

(On a side note: I am determined to one day spend a Christmas where it snows.)

265501340501840707_5SjF8eSq_cI decided that I have to start doing the things that will make me happy instead of just expecting them to happen. My marriage isn’t getting any better and asking for the things that could fix us hasn’t worked so instead, I’ve accepted that were likely meant to end and just look forward to bigger and better things, whatever that may be. Its been difficult to write when I feel this way though, being that my book is all about love. How do you write about love when you’re not sure if you’ve ever felt the entirety of the word?