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So, i’ve been struggling with this so called “final draft” and my OCD side is making me crazy. I read over my book and there are a few parts that made me grit my teeth. Mostly, Im afraid of not researching certain things enough. For example, the world of advertising is a huge part of this book and I don’t now that much about it. Another is the location, its based in Chicago and Ive never been.

The woman who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey, hadn’t ever been to Seattle (thats where it was right?) she said she just got the geographical things from the internet. I heard that many people from there had complaints about errors. (Not that I think its THAT important for a fictional story to have geographical accuracy but it helps.)

Anyways, this is where I ended up. I consulted with my best friend and beta reader. She’s from New York and I asked for her help (geographically) if I move the story to NY (where Liam’s character is from) then we changed the whole advertising thing to a whole new world of wineries and freelancing (which I know more about). I feel much better about this but it does mean I’m starting from… not quite square one but we’ll say square 5. I’m excited about this though, I think it will be better.

Wish me luck on the revamp!