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I spent all day yesterday writing. I’m talking, woke up, went to coffee bean and sat my ass down for seven hours to write. My brain, fingers and ass hurt but I’m deep into my final draft with a big big smile on my face! My best friend and beta reader, who was apprehensive about me doing a FOURTH draft finally read what I have so far and she agrees it was worth the redo. This version is so much better, simpler and its the fast read I was hoping to make it into.

On another note, we started talking about pen names. Im not sure what to do about this. So many great writers use a pen name (here is a site that shows you writer’s names you thought were their real names)

I don’t know if I can handle a pen name. Im a bit fickle and I would never figure out a “good enough” name to use! Id get sick and tired of it after a while. Although, the nerd in me thinks of it as a superhero|secret identity and it makes me a little giddy inside. Who knows? Jesi Lee has always been my name. Its simple. It’s me. And it’s one letter away from Jedi so how could I go wrong? My parents knew what they were doing right?

For now, that worry is on the back burner but it was still fun to think of a few.
Mia Buttreaks anyone?