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So last night I happen upon a post on the Facebook page of Jay Crownover, author of Rule. They announced a live chat with her and I was curious to see just what that was like. I gleefully invited my best friend who got me to read the book and we logged on.


Granted, this book hasn’t sold like millions or anything but it was still fun to speak to someone who achieved publication and semi-fame.

A few of the questions asked were nothing to do with the book or writing/publishing but I did gather a few tips from the writer. She talked about learning from mistakes, she didn’t do much research and just wanted to publish so she went onto some sort of Amazon thing and set her book off there. I didn’t quite understand how it worked but the biggest advice I took to heart from her is the importance of an editor.

I always said that no matter what, even if Im not into this for the fame or money, I would still like to put out a decent book. I think that its worth the investment to have a professional look over it and fix your mistakes. I may have a great story but it doesn’t mean I’m a grammar savant.

All in all, it was a fun experience and made me excited to think that some day someone will be logging on to chat with me! (maybe, hopefully, someday)