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It’s very difficult to see the result of your hard work when writing a novel. Some take years to write and others merely months… but in the grueling stages of writing its very easy, for myself in particular, to feel as if I’ve wasted time.


There are some days I spend writing chapters upon chapters -sitting in one spot till the sun goes down and when Im done, I feel as if I had wasted the day. Although I can look at the pages of my word processor and see clearly that I hadn’t.

This week has been rough, mostly due to being ill. Allergies has taken on a whole new monstrous form and I’ve spent many nights coughing and struggling to breath till four in the morning. It’s spring break for me (in terms of school) and the responsibilities that come with adulthood has made it clear there is no such thing as vacations in life.

I hope that one of these days I can sit at my desk and write a blog post announcing the completion of my book. The story has dug itself deep, so far into my mind, that I feel as if they’re memories now and these characters are real people. I know I am not writing something that will be considered one of literature’s most valued stories but in my heart I hope that there will be a few future readers who will love Jane and Liam as much as I do.