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I don’t usually jump ahead when I write, call it OCD or whatever but chronological order is my comfort zone. Sure I write notes here and there for later chapters but never anything that could be copied and pasted when I needed it. This came to me at random, I had been writing for a full day and decided to dive into my latest book of the week to take a break. The words suddenly rushed at me…

Describing Liam’s character wasn’t easy for me to do in a page let alone a snippet of dialogue. When this came to me I had to quickly jot it down. This is his brother’s way of describing Liam and it’s perfect. It’s everything that tells you who he is, how he ticks and exactly what Jane means to him.

[ I don’t own the photo ] As you’ve all seen before, Ive already stated that his character was slightly influenced by actor, Tom Hiddleston. I don’t know the man personally but his influence is more in physical attribute, mannerisms and well -if I pictured this as a movie, he’d be the #1 choice to play Liam.

On another note, Ive juggled with the idea of taking a quarter off school to focus on writing. If I decide to go through with that I’m dedicated 11 weeks to write, finish, edit and publish. Wish me luck!