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ad558dae07a4780d64d4667ccffcac69I’ve been sick for about two weeks now. It takes almost dying for me to submit and just go to the doctor. I think two weeks is long enough to surrender and claim defeat, yeah?

Other than that, we (by we I mean my husband and I) have agreed that taking time off from school is a good idea. I’ll be off exactly one quarter which is eleven weeks. This decision came from the fact that I’ve been sick almost every other month and usually on the weeks i have finals I’m at my worst. I would joke and say I’m allergic to tests but in reality I think it’s just the stress of everything that’s sending my body crashing.

One very good thing that comes from this break is the chance I get to write. I’ve decided to make this into my goal, eleven weeks to finish my book and send it off to an editor. If I’m lucky, getting it published is in that timeline.

I’ll be posting my progress during the 11 weeks. So far Ive finished the final prologue and I’ll be posting that after some editing. I’m very excited about this and I look forward to sharing with everyone Jane & Liam’s story.