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DAY 25 | WEEK 423884_380789455337291_161498808_n

Nothing beats having amazing friends to turn to during the “hard times” of writing a novel. Granted, I’m lucky enough to have friends who are book worms and I value their opinions. There was a moment in my writing where I was just stuck. The blinker on word was taunting me and I went 3-4 days just staring at it, typing a paragraph or two then deleting it. Finally I turned to my best friend Lisa and she gave me some wonderful advice…

My issue was to move from one scene to another and she was like, “Just end it there. Stop where you’re at and move on to the next. Why worry about the transition?” So, I went back and looked over it, took her advice and BAM! Chapter done. It was more fluid than I expected and now I’m on my way to finishing up the next chapter.