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ff76e74a4773ca590a751e82bd669a14It seems no matter how much you prepare for things, life can have a different plan for you. Since I last wrote there have been lots of good & bad. I’ll focus on the good. 


  • Im about 2 chapters away from completing the book. ( A bit bad ) I’m torn by how the ending could go… so at the moment Im at a stand still but its on my mind all day, everyday. I’m confident, I’ll still meet my deadline even with this hiccup.
  • Business is booming. I’ve had shoots every weekend and more coming up this month. Plus a few more orders on my Etsy store.
  • Bigger news! I might be going off to Iceland for 2 weeks in August! That will surely be an adventure and I am so excited! Now because of that trip, Ive decided to take online classes this coming summer quarter for school. That will give me the freedom to move around and free up some time for me to write.


  • Other than trying to finish Unspoken within a month and get it to an editor… there’s the other story that has now captured my heart. I’m hoping to get that started while editing Unspoken. I might have to write Unravelled and this new book (title pending) at the same time. I hope I can handle that.
  • I saw art work up in the Sushi place Nick and I frequent and I’m hoping to make a few more pieces to create enough to display. I’m thinking of contacting the owner to see if I can get my work up there too.