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I sent a quick email to interview Jay Crownover, author of Rule and upcoming novel, Jet. She responded very quickly! Check out her blog here. She self published Rule not too long ago and my best friend & I went crazy for it. We can’t wait for Jet to come out!

  1. What was your process for writing Rule and did you learn from that process now writing Jet and Rome’s stories?  I just write. I literally just sit in front of the computer and write and write and write. That’s probably why my editing is so bad. I don’t pick it apart, I don’t brainstorm or chit chat about it with anyone. I just do it. The story plays like a movie in my head and I just try and keep up with it by putting it on paper. I’m trying to cut the conversations down and keep them shorter, that seems to be my big thing that needs work.
  2. When it comes to publishing, do you have any advice toward aspiring writers such as myself? Nope. I had no clue what I was doing so I just jumped in with both feet. If you wrote something you are proud of, something you think other people would enjoy reading then self-publish.  HOLY HELL edited it first…spend the money…believe me…but just forge ahead on your own.  Traditional publishing is tricky and there are a lot of steps and a lot of people and a lot of rejection so I guess it just depends on how hard and how much time you really want to put into publishing.
  3. Do you have plans for future books outside the “Marked Men” series? My Marked boys are going to keep me busy for awhile…I add new and reoccurring characters in every book so we’ll just have to see what comes next.
  4. Rejection and bad/strange reviews comes with ANY novel… have you seen any that stick out?  Sure, I got tore to pieces when Rule first came out. Some were just generally bad and not so nice. Some claimed I was some greedy mastermind trying to earn a quick buck and not editing was my nefarious scheme to destroy literature as we know it. Some were pissed about the content saying a glorified piercings and tattoos….it is what it is. I never claimed I wrote a perfect book, never claimed to be the worlds best author, never made an point other than that Rule was my first book, my first SELF-PUBLISHED book and I was just trying to figure it all out and never really thought anyone would buy. You get thick skin real quick…at least you should. Anonymity makes people brave and makes them feel very entitled to say WHATEVER they want….I know for a fact in real life, face to face half that really bad stuff would never be said because people in general are just not like that…the internet gives them brass-balls.
  5. Last one is a personal question: You’re a bartender… if you could order a drink for Rule, Jet and Rome… what would their go-to drinks be?  Rule drinks Crown because it’s dirty and strong and is an awesome Coors light chaser, Jet drinks Jameson because it’s smooth and a little sweet and smoky, Rome drinks vodka and tonic because it’s classic and goes down deceptively easy 🙂