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Long time no post! I’m still alive. I’ve been busy battling the evils of financial aid and student loans. Sadly, I lost. I’m opting out of this quarter AGAIN. I feel horrible doing so but it seems the universe is completely against me going to school at the moment. I’m going to take this as a good sign and say that maybe it has other plans for me. I plan on returning to school next quarter, full time and catch up on all the time I missed.

I’ve been focused on my photography business and trying my darndest to get the 2nd book started. I’m having a hard time getting a good footing to start the story but I have an idea of the timeline. I’m sure this will be a repeat of book 1 and go through a handful of drafts.

On one of the days I actually got to sleep in, a random idea came to mind regarding a book cover. I have this weird thing about books that show characters on the cover. It’s okay and I’m not downing anyone who does it but I feel like sometimes its up to the reader’s imagination…

I came up with this.