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My husband’s family and I are venturing to Iceland for 10 days. I’m currently sitting inside JFK and we’re here for 5 hours. Oh what to do, what to do?! Read, surf the web and people watch of course! I’m so thrilled to be here even though I don’t really get to see the city itself. I’m going to still count this as “I’ve been to New York” though. (yeah yeah I know… just shush and let me have this moment.) Anyways, I’ll be updating (hopefully daily) on our trip. I am so uncontrollably excited for Iceland! 

We’re going to be staying in Reykjavik and the nerd girl in me is thrilled to be where they filmed Thor – the dark world. There is a photo on Instagram that Zachary Levi posted of Tom Hiddleston standing under a sign that says Loki Cafe. Apparently where we’re staying is only a five minute walk to there! How awesome is that?! 

Hopefully I’ll get some writing done while I’m there. I got through the first chapter of book 2 and I still have yet to figure out what direction I’m going. I’m sure inspiration is just around the corner!