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So many new things to cover and oh how different things have been since I last posted. No use in holding back, this blog is my escape and so is my book. Within the last few months I’ve struggled with the separation from my husband, our impending divorce, meeting and falling for someone new and getting my heart shattered all over again.

The last three years of my life has been nothing but middle grey and that blankness is what led me to write Unspoken. Now, that fog has cleared and I’m stuck between darkness and a blinding white light.

It’s so amazing how much life can change in a heart beat and one act can send a ripple through your entire world, disturbing everything around you. Right now, I’m a big ball of feelings. I am an exposed nerve and I can’t seem to think straight. Logic has flown out the window and I struggle to find pieces of my old self again.

After all this, I realized that I can’t lose sight of the things I worked hard for (although they seem so minor at the moment). I was on Goodreads and I read a couple of new reviews – though I don’t have many – I found such happiness in knowing that someone out there took time out of their day to read what I wrote.

I’m trying desperately to find the energy and motivation to write Unravelled. The story is locked away in my mind and heart but both seem to be battling their own war at the moment. However, the silver lining is that the struggles I’m facing and the heart ache I’m feeling have been wonderful inspiration for the story.

Although the person that came into my life left so quickly, I saw so many attributes (good and bad) that William Hamilton has. I got to experience first hand what caring for such a complicated man could feel like…