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Christmas is almost here and the older I get, the less magical it feels. I haven’t written in forever due to my schedule. Since the divorce, I’ve been going to school and working full time. All factors have stood in the way of writing (cue the little tiny violin). I work at a family portrait studio, therefore, I loathe the holidays! People are so mean during Christmas. Sadly, I’ve had to push the release date of Unravelled a couple of months.

On a more positive note… I got an amazing job that will start in January. I will be an Art Mentor for Opportunity Village. This is pretty much a dream job! I get to help others while teaching/doing what I am most passionate about. Who could ask for more?

I have felt truly blessed this last month. I can now see that when things go crashing, there is always a way back up. I’ve met someone who makes me truly happy and although I can’t say this is forever- I know it’s a new chapter I am glad to move on to.

I’m hoping that with this new job coming up, I can save up some money to travel. When book three comes, I want to do some research and go to London. Fingers crossed*

London Polaroid Transfer