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I am your typical, annoying, busy bee. I can’t focus on one thing and I absolutely have to kill myself with a million projects. I was going to school, working two jobs, freelancing on weekends, writing a book and trying to have a social life. This was no bueno. I was getting sick every month, gaining stress weight, constantly irritable and found very little time for important things… like relaxing!

I finally did it. I dropped two of my classes (no matter how shitty that made me feel) it had to be done. I put my freelance business on hold and took a mini-vacation to California. I met with a lovely friend and fellow busy bee. She took photos of me, we laughed, I cried (mental break down needed) and we ate sushi. It was wonderful.

It opened up my eyes to things I’ve been missing out on during my stress rampage. My health and relationships were suffering. Hopefully with the slight amount of free time I allowed myself, I can finish writing Unraveled. I owe it to the handful of people who took the time to read Unspoken.

I haven’t put forth much effort into advertising or marketing my book simply because, I just don’t care about that. I cared about writing it and getting those thoughts out of my head. The care for book sales or profit just isn’t there. I do however LOVE seeing reviews and people adding it on goodreads! That brings so much joy to me and I can’t begin to express how grateful I am toward the few readers I have!

I have so much more to share and finally have the time to update. I can’t wait to get back to it!