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I have an obligation to finish the series and write Unravelled and Unconditional next, but my heart isn’t there right now. I’d rather write something worth reading than something I slapped together to meet a deadline.

What sucks is that I have two other stories going on in my head. Dysphoria (which is now looking less and less appealing to write) and an untitled book that is my “dream” novel to complete. This untitled book, I’ve been wanting to write since I was a teenager and I’m afraid of ruining such a cool story.

On a lighter note: I’ve been checking off bucket list things! I got my nose pierced, something I’ve wanted to do since I was 14. Now I feel whole. I found out from a coworker/friend that a group of people offer free ASL sessions every wednesday and that’s something I’ll be getting into. It’s been a dream to learn ASL and after one session, I already learned so much! It’s exciting to check things off the list.

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