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“Note to self: No more second guessing. No more benefit of the doubt. No more hoping he’s a better man than his repeated actions reveal. Even if he wants to be, he’s just not today, and we both know that’s not what your tender, healing heart needs. The love you want can’t be built upon a foundation of deceit; and, if he can’t be honest with himself today, he is not capable of being honest with you. (You learned this lesson already –remember it!) It’s okay to be sad and disappointed and even mad at him (for a little while) about his lies and lack of integrity; but when you’re ready –better sooner than later –accept it, release him and move on. There is no one who is as he seems –with no masks, no pretending to be more than he is –just a man you can believe because he’s honest with himself and with you. He’s beautiful –failures, flaws and all. You’ll know him when the time comes. And, listen closely now… he’s the one who can be trusted with your heart because he sees and values –cherishes –the treasure that it is. I know you haven’t experienced that just yet, but you will. You’ll know it when you feel it, and you will cherish his heart, too.” -lcc