UNSPOKEN the novel

Sometimes soul mates find each other a little too late…
that might be the case for Jane and William.

William Hamilton never believed in fate, that was until Jane Wright stepped into his life. Seven years ago he saved a girl from an attacker and for years he dreamt of his damsel not knowing that she did the same. William was a man who knew exactly what he wanted and he wanted Jane. It was Jane’s dark past that left her broken and jaded. She always played it safe and took the road most traveled. It didn’t take long for the lonely house wife to venture over the fence and see for herself if the grass is in fact greener on the other side. Although she doesn’t remember it was William who saved her life, a familiarity in his touch told her he was what she’d been missing. Only one thing stood in the way… her husband.


2 thoughts on “UNSPOKEN the novel”

  1. I like the layout of your blog page. Particularly with the gray background, there’s an elegance or sophistication to it. Your novel description sounds intriguing, certainly a storyline I wouldn’t wish on anyone, except of course, a fictional character.

    • Why THANK YOU! Surprisingly enough, I love my layout as well. You’d think that would be a given considering its my blog but I nitpick so much that its difficult to be satisfied with one thing for too long.

      And thanks for the compliments regarding the book, Im afraid I don’t put out enough information when it comes to the storyline and need to do that soon. I agree with you, a situation like this is better left in fiction. 🙂

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